Red Cross Rock Star Volunteer

Red Cross Rock Star Volunteer goes on fourth year responding to local and national disasters

By Cindy Huge, American Red Cross, Volunteer Contributor

“Alesa Crocker is a rock star,” stated Jennifer Young, disaster workforce engagement manager for the American Red Cross serving Arkansas and Oklahoma. “There is nothing that she won’t tackle. She is a great asset to the American Red Cross.”

Service to others comes natural for Crocker. She has fostered over 100 children—adopting three of them, completing their family of six. After all the children left home, she continued her life’s work and mission of helping others by volunteering for the American Red Cross.

In 2013, Crocker joined the Red Cross and began working as a local disaster responder, helping on the scene of local home fires and disasters, as well as volunteering as a caseworker getting those families on the road to long-term recovery. Her ability to connect with people and understand their needs was a perfect fit for volunteering. Soon she was on her way, serving on more 20 national Red Cross disaster responses, in addition to all of the local disasters she responded to daily.

On one of these disasters, Crocker saw the need for qualified people to help with technology. Her extensive knowledge of computers enabled her to quickly become one of the leading Disaster Technology gurus for the American Red Cross.

Collecting a small rock from each disaster is how Crocker remembers where she has served. A coffee table bowl serves as the gathering spot for these rocks, which are hand painted with the date of each of her national responses.

Crocker’s hope is that others will discover the rewards of volunteering with the Red Cross, just as she has.

Volunteers constitute approximately 90 percent of the American Red Cross workforce. Their dedication makes it possible to respond to nearly 64,000 disasters every year. To volunteer with the American Red Cross, please visit


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