Oklahoma Red Cross Responds to Hurricane Matthew

Red Cross Oklahoma, Red Cross OK, Disaster Response

OKLAHOMA CITY (Oct. 10, 2016) — The Oklahoma American Red Cross has sent nineteen Red Crossers to help thousands of people that have been affected by Hurricane Matthew.

As the recovery effort continues, more Oklahoma Red Cross volunteers could be deployed to join more than 3,000 Red Cross disaster workers that are already mobilized to the affected regions.

“We have sent volunteers to serve as mental health professionals, nurses, emergency response vehicle drivers and shelter workers,” said Brad Barghols, the American Red Cross serving Arkansas and Oklahoma CEO. “We have volunteers that train and prepare year-round so that they can help when they are needed.”

Along with these volunteers, the Oklahoma Red Cross has sent three emergency response vehicles to the East Coast. These emergency response vehicles will be used to disseminate food, water, gloves, rakes, and other cleaning supplies to the affected area.

Since Hurricane Matthew first threatened the United States, the Red Cross has provided nearly 70,000 overnight stays. This major recovery effort will require support from beyond the affected region.

“This is not a ‘Red Cross Cleanup,’ or an ‘East Coast Recovery,’” Barghols said. “This effort will require people from across the country to chip in and help get the affected population back to a state of normalcy.”

People looking to donate can do so by calling 1-800-RED-CROSS, visiting www.redcross.org or by texting MATTHEW to 90999 for an automatic $10 donation.


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